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Who We Are

Ruby Rashid Services is a full service events management agency offering strategic wedding & event consultancy services tailored to our clients’ needs. Lead by an experienced Management and staff, with more than 13 years of experience, Ruby Rashid Services strive to provide a total solutions for our clients.

Ruby Rashid Services  was established in 2000 to provide a balance service of  Wedding and Event packages at the same time providing a value-for-money banquet and catering packages & a romantic honeymoon packages to various destinations around the world.

Provision of value-add solutions

We partner our clients by helping them to review possibilities, test ideas, and implement decisions. By collaborating closely with our clients throughout the engagement, we not only develop a strong rapport with them, we also ensure a mutually-beneficial result for their event needs.

Delivery of high standards

We deliver exacting standards in project management to ensure that our clients’ events are planned and executed to meet their objectives. 

Ruby Rashid Services has maintained good working relationship with our counterpart supplier and agents to service the need of our clients.

Tailored resources for each client

To ensure that each client has access to the best resources we have to offer, we assemble a client service team best suited for the clients’ requirements.   The company run by a team of capable and friendly management and staff who work in a friendly environment to serve the needs of the clients.

Recognizing that no two companies face exactly the same challenges, our success lies in providing original problem-solving support, tailoring our approach to each client’s requirements, objectives, culture and situation. While we insist on custom solutions, we follow a consistent approach to working with our clients. We believe this provides advantages to both our clients and our teams. 

We are ready to serve you in all your travel needs just contact us at:

390 Victoria Street, Golden Landmark #03-22

Singapore 188061

Tel:(65) 6748 7674  Fax: (65) 6396 0269

Email: wedding.rubyrashid@gmail.com or rubyrashidsvcs@gmail.com

Website: www.rubyrashidservices.yolasite.com

Should you require any specific or technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Till we hear from you please do accept our sincerest regards at all times.

Sincerely yours,

Ruby Rashid Services 

Hjh Ruby Al Rashid

Managing Director

" We treat our client with passion and integrity.  Our company grantees efficient event services that archive remarkable results"



 390 Victoria Street #03-22 Golden Landmark Singapore 188061 

Tel: 6748-7674  

Fax: 6396-0269   

email: wedding.rubyrashid@gmail.com  

Website: www.rubyrashidservices.yolasite.com 

Contact us by Appointment:

Hjh Ruby Rashid - Hp 8139-8757

Bob                      -  Hp 922-0410

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